Film Catalog

The over 10.000 hours of film and video collections at Blinken OSA come from various sources: individual donors, independent media groups, human rights organizations and private archives, while others were created by the OSA. The Film Catalog highlights 38 moving image collections with individual curatorial introductions. The Film Catalog, thus, is an alternative, media-specific entry point to OSA’s collections which supplements the main Catalog. By creating it, we hoped to assist researchers in locating and exploring our unique documentary, propaganda, fiction and television film collections.
Hungarian Workers' Militia Films - (344-0-1)
Fighting Comrades: over thirty years of Hungarian Workers' Militia documentary and propaganda films, 1958-1989.
Balkan Archive - (350-1-1)
A decade of International Monitor Institute coverage of the wars in the former Yugoslavia, incorporating extremely divergent perspectives on the conflict, and...
Burma - (350-2-1)
The Burmese Uprising of 1988 and its aftermath, as seen and documented by amateur filmmakers, human rights activists, Western journalists, and state propagandists.
Cambodia - (350-2-2)
Raw and edited documentation of the Khmer Rouge dictatorship, its genocidal policies and their aftermath.
Rwanda - (350-3-1)
First-hand raw and edited documentation of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, including materials produced by amateur filmmakers, journalists and international...
Sierra Leone - (350-3-2)
Documentation, local and international coverage from 1995-2000 of the eleven-year civil war in Sierra Leone, including interviews with amputees and child soldiers,...
Afghanistan - (350-4-1)
Documentaries, footage and media coverage of the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan from 1999-2001, highlighting Soviet troop withdrawals and the plight of refugees.
Iran - (350-4-2)
Two decades' worth of documentaries and footage covering Iranian politics and society from the Islamic Revolution until the First Gulf War of 1990.
Iraq - (350-4-3)
Over two decades of news reports, documentaries, testimonies, and state propaganda, focusing on the UN-authorized war of 1990, state-led violence against Iraqi...
Israel and Palestine - (350-4-4)
Six documentaries covering the complexities of Israeli-Palestinian relations from 1948 to 2002.
Lebanon - (350-4-5)
Raw footage and documentaries on events during and after Lebanese civil war 1975-1990, including the Sabra-Shatila massacre, the siege of Beirut, and the Israeli...
Turkey - (350-4-6)
Films, television programs and reports focusing on human rights abuses committed by the Turkish authorities against the Kurds, 1992-1996.
British and American Materials on the Middle East - (350-4-7)
British and American documentary materials from the 1990s on political, geographic and religious conflicts in the greater Middle East, and antagonism towards the...
Pál Schiffer's Film Documentation and Photos - (356-1-12)
Photo documentation of films and private photos (1960-1996) by Hungarian director and opposition figure Pál Schiffer.
Iraqi TV Monitoring - (378-0-1)
Patriotic news, commentaries, propaganda songs and more, broadcast by Iraqi State Television during the first three weeks of the 2003 American-led invasion of Iraq.
PHR Training and Educational Videos - (386-3-8)
Programs and footage from 1995-1999 on Physicians for Human Rights' work to identify victims of the Srebrenica massacre, including educational programs, interviews...
Rodolf Hervé Videos on Hungary's Alternative Scene in the 1990s - (388-0-1)
Raw documentary footage of Budapest's golden age of alternative culture in the early 1990s.
WITNESS Videos - (392-1-1)
From sweatshop workers in the Philippines via the American anti-prison movement to the "blood diamond" trade in Sierra Leone: 52 WITNESS videos on uncovering human...
Hungarian Interior Ministry Propaganda and Education Films - (394-0-1)
Border patrols at the Iron Curtain, covert surveillance and managing secret agents: almost 300 Hungarian Ministry of the Interior propaganda and educational...