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Hungarian Government Threatens to Shut Down Central European University
Amendments to the Hungarian higher education legislation which restrict academic freedom for CEU were signed into law.
Posted on 1/Apr/2017
Shooting the Revolution Film Series at OSA – Animated Soviet Propaganda 2
The animated war for the minds of the people to win over the hearts and minds of the Soviet masses with disinformation.
Posted on 25/Apr/2017
Red Africa- Things Fall Apart
The exhibition presents interdisciplinary reflections on African connections to the Soviet Union and related countries.
Posted on 11/Apr/2017
Samizdat Project - Call for interns
OSA invite applications for 1-3 months unpaid internship positions, May-July 2017.
Posted on 6/Apr/2017
Blog Posts / Podcasts
Published Samizdat Sound Recordings, Radio Liberty (Radio Svoboda)
The Soviet samizdat sound collection consists of approximately 100 audio recordings produced and preserved at the Samizdat Unit of RFE/RL...
Posted on 26/Apr/2017
The digitization of documents leaves those who study history without the charm of digging into the dusty stacks of documents, but HU OSA...
Posted on 29/Mar/2017
Photo by Dániel Végel
The exhibition The Symbols of Socialist Art – Revisited at the Blinken OSA explores and critically re-evaluates the Communist Iconologia...
Posted on 7/Mar/2017
This episode introduces a unique research project  at Blinken OSA, the goal of which is to collect and make available online the...
Posted on 14/Dec/2016

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