Events / Announcements
Pénteken indul a PressUp! kreatív workshop diákoknak
A diákok megismerhetik a 21. századi újságírás alapjait, a sajtószabadság és a független média fontosságát.
Event - posted on 16/Feb/2018
After ICTY: Prospects for Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in the post-Yu
A workshop on February 21, 2018, examines the questions left open by the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY).
Event - posted on 13/Feb/2018
RE-VERZIO Film Screening Series at Blinken OSA
A selection from Verzio Film Festival. The next screening: February 21, "Jackson" (Best Film Award at 14th Verzio)
Event - posted on 5/Feb/2018
Pályázati felhívás - PressUP! Média- és sajtószabadság a 21. században
Kreatív workshop diákoknak a legjobb fiatal magyar szakemberek vezetésével.
Event - posted on 4/Feb/2018
Final Report of the Symposium on Refugee Rights in Records Published
Key topics, research questions, and avenues for further development with input from the participants.
Announcement - posted on 1/Feb/2018
Blog Posts / Podcasts
General Pension Institute, later the House of Trade Unions, the first home of CEU in Prague, designed by: Josef Havliček and Karel Honzik, 1929-1934
The early years of Central European University are in the focus of a Czech language book by Tereza Pospíšilová, now available in OSA's...
Blog - posted on 25/Jan/2018
After the fall of the communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, many archival materials were made available for researchers of the...
Blog - posted on 5/Jan/2018
The Hoover Institution’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Historical Recording Description Project (HRDP) is an initiative to produce...
Blog - posted on 15/Dec/2017
In 2017, the International Human Rights Day is marked by two anniversaries connected to the history of what was once Europe’s foremost...
Blog - posted on 11/Dec/2017
2017-ben ünnepli tizedik születésnapját 20. Század Hangja Archívum és Kutatóműhely, mely a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Társadalomtudományi...
Blog - posted on 23/Nov/2017