Blinken OSA is happy to announce that every Thursday the Research Room will be open until 7:45 p.m. from October 26 to December 14, 2017, on a pilot basis. Last requests should be submitted until 5:45 p.m., or earlier by e-mail.
A Blinken OSA Archívum örömmel tudatja, hogy a kutatóterem minden csütörtökön 19:45-ig tart nyitva 2017. október 26. és 2017. december 14. között, kísérleti jelleggel. Kérést 17:45-ig lehet leadni, vagy e-mailben korábban elküldeni.

Latest Events / Announcements
Somewhere in Europe
A research and exhibition project focusing on the utopistic community of Gaudiopolis founded in the aftermath of WW2.
Posted on 29/Sep/2017
When Gagarin Was Still at School. The Mesmerizing World of Soviet Film Propagan
A presentation on archiving films and a film screening, with a focus on the history and processing of Soviet films.
Posted on 20/Oct/2017
Book Launch - The Old Doctor of Warsaw
Presented by the co-president of the Hungarian Korczak Working Committee Dr. Éva Makai and translator Patricia Pászt.
Posted on 20/Oct/2017
Ask an Archivist: Blinken OSA offers help to CEU students with their research
Students are offered help with research methodology and with materials available at Blinken OSA.
Posted on 16/Oct/2017
Blog Posts / Podcasts
Látássérült diákok “kezébe adta” a Blinken OSA Archívum az Afganisztán, birodalmak temetője – A szovjet háború címmel rendezett...
Posted on 11/Oct/2017
At the start of this semester (January 2017), I was feeling anxious, excited, and driven to take on a new challenge and experience unlike...
Posted on 4/Sep/2017
Ladies and Gentlemen,Welcome to the opening of the “Afghanistan, the Graveyard of Empires - the Soviet War” exhibition at the Vera and...
Posted on 27/Jul/2017
A recent encounter with the concept of Visible Thinking (VT) during a training organized by the Amsterdam based Thinking Museum...
Posted on 9/Jun/2017

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