Events / Announcements
Guided tour by the Curator:Therapy Exhibition
Tamás Don, curator presents the exhibition reflecting on the situation of the youngest generation of artists.
Announcement - posted on 19/May/2018
Did People Lie in Kádár's Hungary?
Blinken OSA offers 81 new short films on its renewed YouTube channel with improved search options.
Announcement - posted on 19/May/2018
Young Artists in Hungary: Present and Future
"Therapy" is the main exhibition of Threshold Festival, hosted by Blinken OSA between May 7 – June 10,  2018.
Announcement - posted on 10/May/2018
"Aki nagyon mélyről jön, annak sokkal nehezebb a kitörés": Schiffer Pál filmjei
Beszélgetés a Blinken OSA Schiffer-gyűjteményéről, a Romakép Műhely szervezésében: 2018. május 9. 18:00
Event - posted on 6/May/2018
Blinken Osa's New Curated Collection Available Online
20 years of intermingled history of the Free Europe Committee and Radio Free Europe during the Cold War.
Announcement - posted on 4/May/2018
Blog Posts / Podcasts
Parászka Boróka

Boróka Parászka's speech at the European Press Prize Award ceremony at Blinken OSA on March 14, 2018.

Blog - posted on 9/Apr/2018
Jönnek a modok

Pszichológia a kormánypárti torz kampányban

Rév István írása a Magyar Narancs hetilap 2018. április 5-i számában.

Blog - posted on 5/Apr/2018

Miklós Haraszti's keynote speech at the European Press Prize Award ceremony at Blinken OSA on March 14 2018. 

Miklos Haraszti...

Blog - posted on 22/Mar/2018

At the end of the year, as part of our efforts to make a difference in our smaller (or larger) community,...

Blog - posted on 19/Feb/2018
General Pension Institute, later the House of Trade Unions, the first home of CEU in Prague, designed by: Josef Havliček and Karel Honzik, 1929-1934

The early years of Central European University are in the focus of a Czech language book by Tereza Pospíšilová, now...

Blog - posted on 25/Jan/2018