The Research Room will be closed for summer recess between August 1 and September 4, 2018. We reopen on September 5, at 10 am.

Events / Announcements
Night of the Museums – June 23, 2018
1968 behind the Iron Curtain: Visitors can type flyers on Cold War era type-writers, and print symbols of 1968.
Event - posted on 19/Jun/2018
Farewell to Spring
Creating a fictional international youth magazine, the exhibition presents this thriving and hopeful period.
Event - posted on 18/Jun/2018
World Refugee Day (June 20)
Blinken OSA evokes two refugee cases preserved in the records of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights.
Announcement - posted on 17/Jun/2018
Blinken OSA expresses its deep outrage over the appalling act by the Christian Democratic People's Party.
Announcement - posted on 14/Jun/2018
 Visegrad Scholarships at OSA for Researchers, Scholars, Journalists and Artists
Application deadlines for 2018: July 25 and November 15.
Announcement - posted on 11/Jun/2018
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Az 1958. júniusi eseményekre kollégáink és kutatóink írásaival emlékezünk.

Mink András: A Nagy Imre-per – 50 év múltán (Részletek...

Blog - posted on 14/Jun/2018
Radio Free Europe covered the events from the very beginning

The Poland 1968 Digital Collection focuses on the March 1968 Polish student rebellion and its aftermath.

Blog - posted on 1/Jun/2018
A teljes kötet ide kattintva elérhető.

Egy sikeres vállalat a szocializmus idejéből: A Hungarocoop története

Blog - posted on 18/May/2018
Parászka Boróka

Boróka Parászka's speech at the European Press Prize Award ceremony at Blinken OSA on March 14, 2018.

Blog - posted on 9/Apr/2018
Jönnek a modok

Pszichológia a kormánypárti torz kampányban

Rév István írása a Magyar Narancs hetilap 2018. április 5-i számában.

Blog - posted on 5/Apr/2018