Events / Announcements
Europe for Citizens: Remembrance 2016  "Year 1956. Societes of Central Europe ve
A succesful project aimed at collecting source materials in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary.
Event - posted on 18/Jan/2018
Art IN Academia: Exhibition and Conference
How can academic endeavors inform, inspire or become complemented by the art created by scholars and researchers?
Announcement - posted on 18/Jan/2018
White Supremacist Collaboration between Hollywood and the White House
A public talk on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 by Erika Kiss, Founding Director of the UCHV Film Forum, Princeton University
Announcement - posted on 16/Jan/2018
Symposium on Refugee Rights in Records
Official records, archives and irregular forms of documentation play a crucial role in the life of displaced people.
Announcement - posted on 14/Dec/2017
#joember2017 #goodperson2017
Pozitív történetek inspiráló emberekről. Positive stories about inspiring people.
Announcement - posted on 10/Dec/2017
Blog Posts / Podcasts
After the fall of the communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, many archival materials were made available for researchers of the...
Blog - posted on 5/Jan/2018
The Hoover Institution’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Historical Recording Description Project (HRDP) is an initiative to produce...
Blog - posted on 15/Dec/2017
In 2017, the International Human Rights Day is marked by two anniversaries connected to the history of what was once Europe’s foremost...
Blog - posted on 11/Dec/2017
2017-ben ünnepli tizedik születésnapját 20. Század Hangja Archívum és Kutatóműhely, mely a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Társadalomtudományi...
Blog - posted on 23/Nov/2017
In each academic year Blinken OSA – in co-operation with the departments of History and Legal Studies – offers postgraduate...
Blog - posted on 7/Nov/2017