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Screening the Civil War Memories - ¡Ay Carmela! (1990) and music performance by the Choir Soharóza
Event - Posted on 5/Feb/2016
Eyes on Spain Film Series
Eyes on Spain Film Series - El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War (2005)
Event - Posted on 4/Feb/2016
Eyes on Spain Film Series
Screening the Civil War Memories - Butterfly (La lengua de las mariposas, 1999)
Event - Posted on 28/Jan/2016
Public talk by Sonia García López
The visual politics of gesture - Civilian victims and the imagery of the Spanish Civil War
Event - Posted on 25/Jan/2016
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OSA is honored to announce public access to the first portion of the Free Europe Committee (FEC) compilation of Cold...
Blog entry - Posted on 28/Jan/2016
We closed down our first thematic public program on Surveillance only a few days ago. The event series was opened with...
Blog entry - Posted on 17/Dec/2015
November 4th, at the third event of the Secret Police Film Festival, organized by my Blinken Open Society Archives...
Blog entry - Posted on 19/Nov/2015
Archiving and records management (ARM) professionals are often considered to preserve the past rather than shape...
Blog entry - Posted on 14/Nov/2015

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The portrait of István Kemény (short version)

István Kemény was the founder of a new school of sociology which introduced modern sociological methodology and tools into the research of Hungarian poverty and the Roma in the second half of the 20th century. His followers became not only the key figures of the Hungarian sociology, but also significant members of the political and intellectual opposition of the Kádár era.

Duration: 7:04


Investigating Border Incidents

For more information on this collection, please see .

Duration: 39:18