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Surveillance.Secret Police Film Festival 3/6
Posted: 29/October/2015

Secret police film selection from Poland.

Moving Subjects: Screening the Migration Crisis
Posted: 28/October/2015

Documentary Film Series curated by Oksana Sarkisova (OSA)

October 29, 2015 /// 6 pm /// CEU AUDITORIUM
(Admission is free of charge)

The Arrivals /// Les Arrivants
Patrice Chagnard & Claudine Bories
France /// 2009 /// 111 min /// in French with English subtitles


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Surveillance, Secret Police Film Festival
Posted: 15/October/2015

In connection with the exhibition Watching You, Watching Me, the Open Society Archives, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Budapest and secret police archives in Germany, Poland and Slovakia, is showcasing a retrospective film program inspired by the photos of the secret Stasi archives curated by Simon Menner.

Public lecture by Thomas A. Dine
Posted: 15/October/2015

Open Society Archives at Central European University presents a public lecture by Thomas A. Dine, Former President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Totalitarianism Still Prevails in Europe and Eurasia: The Relevance of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Today

Simon Menner Images from the Secret Stasi Archives
Posted: 12/October/2015

For the first time in Europe, beginning on Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 pm, the public is invited to the exhibition Moving Walls 22 / Watching You, Watching Me that explores how photography can be both an instrument of surveillance and a tool to expose and challenge its negative impact.

The Chernobyl Archives of Nobel Prize winner in literature, Svetlana Alexievich
Posted: 09/October/2015
Svetlana Alexievich donated her Chernobyl archives to OSA in 1998. These 44 hours of videotaped interviews served as the basis for her novel translated into English and published under the title, The Voices of Chernobyl.
Hungarian Refugees in Austria in 1956
Posted: 03/September/2015
The largest wave of refugees in Europe’s  post-WWII history were the Hungarians fleeing the country after the crushing of the revolution and freedom fight in 1956.Európa második világháború utáni történek legnagyobb menekülthulláma az 1956-os magyar forradalom és szabadságharc leveréséhez kötődik. 
Kemény István hagyatéka az OSA Archivumban
Posted: 13/August/2015
2015 nyarán az OSA Archivum állományába került Kemény István irathagyatékának jelentős része, főképp az emigrációs években készült jegyzetek, följegyzések, kéziratok, valamint interjúk átiratai. Születésének 90. évfordulója alkalmából az OSA felkérte Elbert Mártát, a Fekete Doboz alapító főszerkesztőjét, hogy a Fekete Doboz archívuma és Kemény hagyatéka felhasználásával készítsen róla egy portréfilmet. A film rövidített, 7 perces változata 2015. augusztus 14-től látható az OSA honlapján.(
OSA is seeking a Program Director
Posted: 10/July/2015
The Open Society Archives is seeking a Program DirectorThe guardian and research center of one of the most important collections on Cold War and Human Rights is seeking a Director to initiate and implement its public programs. Salary is commensurate with the expected high level performance. 
Videó katalogizálás az OSA Archívumban
Posted: 03/July/2015
Az első magyar független filmes csapat, a Fekete Doboz 1988 és 1996 között készített videóin megörökítette a magyarországi rendszerváltás és az átmenet összes fontos eseményét. Ennek a kizárólag az OSA-ban hozzáférhető páratlan kortörténeti nyersanyagnak a feldolgozására keres az archívum segítséget.
 Videos on regime change in Hungary 1988-1996
Posted: 25/June/2015
Over three thousand hours of raw, unedited video footage was created by the independent media group Black Box Foundation in the years of the regime change and transition between 1988 and 1996. Black Box staff was methodically filming at the major events of the era including demonstrations, assembly meetings of future political parties and the mass protests against the construction of the Bős-Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros dams over the Danube. Unparalleled historical source available for research at OSA Archivum.Az első független magyar filmes csapat több mint 3000 órányi vágatlan videója a rendszerváltás és az átmenet éveiből. A Fekete Doboz munkatársai 1988-tól folyamatosan forgattak a kor jelentős politikai és kulturális eseményein, a demonstrációkon, a későbbi politikai pártok alakuló-ülésein és nem utolsó sorban Bős-Nagymarosi vízerőmű építése ellen szerveződött tömegtüntetéseken. Páratlan kortörténeti forrás szabadon kutatható az OSA Archívumban. 
Night of the Museums - Múzeumok éjszakája
Posted: 18/June/2015
Due to technical difficulties the OSA Archivum is unable to participate in the Night of the Museums program this year.Az OSA Archívum technikai okok miatt idén nem tud részt venni a Múzeumok Éjszakája rendezvénysorozaton.
The Night of Literature
Posted: 26/May/2015

OSA participates in the Night of Literature in 2015.

Initiative For Dialog About the Palace - Blitz Conference
Posted: 06/May/2015
The Initiative for Dialog about the Palace is holding a public professional forum at OSA, entitled Blitz Conference on the Future of the Royal Palace. Members of the Social Board of the National Hauszman Plan, government officials in charge, professionals, and interested intellectuals are invited to publicly discuss plans and ideas at this event.
Gyorskonferencia a Királyi Palota jövőjéről
Posted: 04/May/2015

„Gyorskonferencia a Királyi Palota jövőjéről” című nyilvános, szakmai fórum az OSA Archívumban.

History Restaged
Posted: 22/April/2015

History Restaged brings together artists whose practices address the need for critical thinking, and individual and collective responsibility. Employing strategies of staged reconstruction, reenactments, estrangement, humor and irony, the selected works use filmic, literary, archival and art historical references to revisit historically significant events and unsettle our conventional notions of reality.

Posted: 14/April/2015

A front row seat to a resistance movement: the Belarus Free Theatre masters the art of subversive performance between imprisonment and exile.

skype conference
Posted: 10/April/2015
On Thursday April 9, OSA and the Center for Media, Data and Society at CEU co-hosted the first Hungarian preview of Laura Poitras's Oscar-winning documentary, CitizenFour.
Posted: 09/April/2015

A Beijing rehab center for Chinese teenagers labeled internet addicts: is there a way to "deprogram" them?

Posted: 26/March/2015

Between 1942 and 1943, 25,000 Roma were deported from Romania to Transnistria. Only half of them survived. Seventy years later the film reconstructs the missing stories of Roma Holocaust.

Posted: 19/March/2015

Four mullahs and an atheist filmmaker spend a weekend at a house in the country debating the principles of Iranian society. Can a shared living room facilitate a peaceful coexistence?

Posted: 12/March/2015

167 days of the trial proceedings against four men charged with racially-motivated crimes against Roma. Crime and Punishment in Hungary.

One World Prague, 2014 -BEST FILM AWARD

Posted: 05/March/2015

Everyday Rebellion

Riahi Brothers | 2013 | Austria, Switzerland | 110 min | Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, English

What does the Occupy movement in New York have in common with the Spanish Indignados protests or the Arab Spring? Nonviolent resistance at a glance.

Public Lecture by Robin Kirk
Posted: 02/March/2015

Learning Collaboratively, Learning Immersively: Lessons in Human Rights Pedagogy by Robin Kirk, Co-Director, Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University.

Posted: 01/March/2015

OSA Archivum and Verzio Film Festival present 7 outstanding documentaries - the most popular films of the 11th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (

The Wreck
Posted: 10/February/2015

OSA Archivum is organizing a series of public programs to draw attention to the fatuous rebuilding plans of Buda Castle  and The Royal Palace.

Audiovisual Project Archivist wanted
Posted: 14/January/2015
The Open Society Archives seeks a dynamic individual for a short-term Project Archivist position to process and describe the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Broadcast Archive, consisting of thousands of hours of digitized broadcast recordings.
The Gábor Demszky Personal Papers Are Available for Research
Posted: 08/January/2015
OSA completed the processing of the Gábor Demszky Personal Papers. The first part of the papers, containing one of the largest Hungarian samizdat collections was donated to OSA in 1995 and made available since then. A selection of records documenting Demszky’s five consecutive terms as Mayor of Budapest (1990-2010) and his short-lived presidency of the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), along with a set of Communist state security documents were added in 2010. This new addition is now also open for research.
Time Machine Exhibition
Posted: 10/December/2014
OSA Participates in the Time Machine Exhibition on Europe’s History created by Sladovna Pisek in the Czech Republic.
Call for Applications - The City uploaded: Urban Intersections of Films and New Media
Posted: 08/December/2014

The CEU Summer University announces the course