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Personal Papers of Gábor Magos

Personal Papers of Gábor Magos

The personal papers of Gábor Magos (1914-2000), an agricultural engineer and politician, and a prominent member of the intellectual circle around Prime Minister Imre Nagy during the Hungarian revolt was donated to OSA.

Among others, he was responsible for liaising between the revolutionary government and the police forces in Budapest. In November-December 1956, Magos was involved in activities against the newly established Kádár government, including preparation of political documents and secret meetings with foreign diplomats. In the last days of 1956 he escaped to Vienna, then went on to Switzerland, and testified before the UN Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary as Witness XXX.

His papers include original documents relating to the revolution and his life in emigration, articles and unpublished manuscripts, interviews, correspondence with the UN and fellow émigrés, and rare Hungarian publications printed in exile.

The documents were preserved, arranged and donated to OSA by his widow, Judit Gimes-Magos, who is the sister of Miklós Gimes, a journalist and politician executed together with Imre Nagy in 1958.