Robert Parnica

Robert Parnica
Senior Reference Archivist

Robert joined the Archives in 1997. His primary task is supervising the Reference and Information Services, which entails the daily operation of the Research Room, where he serves as liaison between the international academic public and the archival collections. He graduated from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, with a degree in history and archeology, and from the Central European University, Department of History, with an MA and MPhil in Comparative History of Southeast; he also earned a degree in International Relations at the Budapest Corvinus University. Currently, he is a doctoral student in archival science at Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor.

Robert has been curating and processing several archival collections relating to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty focusing on Balkan countries during the Cold War, such as Background and Situation Reports. Since 2016, he has been supervising and curating the processing and visualizing of digital materials from Free Europe Committee stored on microfilm reels originating from Hoover Institution, a collection that comprises more than 56,000 telex messages. His professional interest covers themes such as collaborative and participatory archival practice or the cultural positioning of archives today vis-à-vis society. He is also interested in the recent social, political, and diplomatic history of the Balkans and Central Europe. He is passionate about late-antique and early-medieval archeology.