Why OSA?

Gabriella Horn

Mini video interviews: our researchers from all around the world describe their experience at Blinken OSA.

OSA is launching a series of mini video interviews in July 2019. In the 3-minute clips, our researchers, coming from all over the world and from very different professional backgrounds, including historians, digital humanties scholars, museologists, theater professionals, environmental experts  tell about their experiences at the Open Society Archives. They talk about their research projects, about the collections and resources they used, the documents they discovered, and to whom and why they recommend Blinken OSA. The videos will be uploaded on the Archives' Youtube channel. This campaign is designed to make OSA’s collections and research facility better known. New researchers and scholars – or simply interested people are welcome at OSA’s Budapest downtown premises. The Archives is open to all!  

The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives is one of the  largest repositories of Cold War and Human Rights related collections and has a large non-circulating film library of documentaries. OSA holdings include over 7,500 linear meters of textual records; over 11,000 hours of video and sound recordings, and 12 terabytes of digital data.  OSA has 250 to 300 visitors each year in its Research Room. Check out our catalogue here and the grant opportunity offered by the Visegrad Fund (the next application deadline is July 25, 2019).

During the creative process of designing the font and layout of the Why OSA? interview series, the video editor Darius Krolikowski experimented with RFE/RL's publications. Attached are 2 cover pages of the original A4 size Radio Free Europe Research broshures, and 3 intertitles used in the Why OSA? videos.