Balkan Archive

Over 3,000 hours of video recordings of news coverage, documentaries, and journalistic and amateur footage presenting an unparalleled range of divergent and conflicting versions of the genocide, bloodshed and displacement of the wars in Croatia (1991-1995) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992-1995). The materials were produced throughout the 1990s by public and private media organizations in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and the West (including ABC, CNN, NBC, PBS, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, France 2, ORF/Germany). A substantial part of the materials focuses on documenting specific atrocities, acts of genocide and crimes against humanity, in particular the siege of Sarajevo, and there is also a considerable number of documentary portraits and interviews with major political and military figures, testimonies of survivors, and subsequent trial proceedings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The series also contains prime examples of state television propaganda alongside analyses of the media's role in the conflicts, but also anti-war pieces and films investigating the rise of nationalism. The collection also contains several fictional films on the conflict, its origins and its aftermath, including Theo Angelopoulous' award-winning drama, "Ulysses' Gaze". Part of the International Monitor Institute Genocide Archive.