The Research Room is closed from August 1 to September 2. The first operating day is September 5.

Events / Announcements
István Harasztÿ’s work Central Control on display in Blinken OSA.
The Research Room is closed from August 1 till September 2, but our online services remain available.
Announcement - posted on 29/Jul/2022
CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences
Conducted by the Historical Archives of the European Union, the survey explores ways of future collaborations.
Announcement - posted on 3/Aug/2022
We look for a Romani university student to participate in the processing of Roma-related collections.
Announcement - posted on 25/Jul/2022
Screenshot from the mentoring session of IUFU
With the active contribution of our colleagues, the first semester of IUFU was concluded in July.
Announcement - posted on 21/Jul/2022
Den Weiner, 1957, USSR at The International Center of Photography (ICP)
By Izabela Morska and Maria Kardash Visegrad fellows, at 2.00 p.m., July 27, 2022, at CEU and online.
Announcement - posted on 21/Jul/2022
Blog Posts / Podcasts

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most infamous events in post-WWII Soviet Jewish history. On the night between August 12...

Blog - posted on 12/Aug/2022

The Dialogue Peace Group was established, after some prior planning, at a gathering on June 26, 1982, 40 years ago today, according to...

Blog - posted on 24/Jun/2022

According to UNHCR’s statistics, in 2022 the number of people forced to flee their homes has exceeded 100 million for the first time....

Blog - posted on 20/Jun/2022

Even though the Cold War was a multipolar and multi-aspect geopolitical tension between rival superpowers and their allies, when...

Blog - posted on 13/Jun/2022

In two chapters, we revisit the milestones of the Ukrainian democratic transition following 1989. The first...

Blog - posted on 2/May/2022