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Events / Announcements
Blinken OSA  Stock Photo by Dániel Végel
Blinken OSA offers the three-credit course Archives, Evidence, and Human Rights to CEU students
Announcement - posted on 20/Jan/2021
Fortepan / Tibor Inkey
Cultures of Dissent in Eastern Europe (1945–1989): Research Approaches in the Digital Humanities – Online
Announcement - posted on 15/Jan/2021
Photó: Katalin Dobó
A part of the press collection of the Institute of Political History had to be transferred to avoid forced scrapping.
Announcement - posted on 12/Jan/2021
Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA
New Visegrad Grantees begin their research at the archives this year.
Announcement - posted on 8/Jan/2021
Blood/Witness Szabolcs KissPál Documentary Radio Play
Documentary Radio Play by Szabolcs KissPál in cooperation with Radio Tilos, January 10, 2021, 12:30 p.m.
Event - posted on 4/Jan/2021
Blog Posts / Podcasts
Forrás. [Source., or Boiling point] is a blog series by the Blinken OSA staff at the Hungarian news website 444.hu. This...
Blog - posted on 20/Jan/2021

The Blinken OSA launches a blog series at 444.hu, one of the leading independent news websites in Hungary. The blog entitled...

Blog - posted on 15/Jan/2021

Today, twenty-five years have passed since the official signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in Paris.

Blog - posted on 13/Dec/2020

December 10 is Human Rights Day, celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on...

Blog - posted on 10/Dec/2020

I have kept getting polite versions of the above question ever since I started talking to colleagues about the exciting prospects of...

Blog - posted on 11/Nov/2020