Blinken OSA's Research Room is open for visitors with a valid COVID-19 vaccination health card. Social distancing, wearing of masks and hand disinfection will remain obligatory. Online registration is required. Our Digitization on Demand service is available for remote research.

Events / Announcements
Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives 2021/22
New Visegrad Scholarship candidates will begin their research at Blinken OSA.
Announcement - posted on 20/Sep/2021
Katharina Heinz at Blinken OSA
Katharina Heinz from the CEU Library in Vienna spent two weeks at Blinken OSA to learn about archival best practices.
Announcement - posted on 9/Sep/2021
Photo: Budapest100
This weekend the festival of the Budapest buildings continues with houses built or redesigned in 1921–1930 and 1945–1957
Announcement - posted on 7/Sep/2021
Screenshot from the online SUN Course
This time co-organized by OSUN, titled Confronting the Crisis of Expertise. Historical Roots and Current Challenges
Announcement - posted on 19/Aug/2021
Sergey Kovalev protesting in Moscow, against the "law of sadists" in 2015
A top biologist who became a leading member of the pro-democracy movement in the USSR.
Announcement - posted on 9/Aug/2021
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Was Islamic fundamentalism’s seclusion as the only governing force left in Afghanistan preventable? When was the last ray of hope of a...

Blog - posted on 7/Sep/2021

“The celebration took place in the courtyard of the San Sabba refugee camp, on August 20, at 11 a.m., near the monument commemorating...

Blog - posted on 1/Sep/2021

It has been twenty years since journalist and politician Miklós Vásárhelyi’s passing. Between 1984 and 1990, Vásárhelyi was the...

Blog - posted on 30/Jul/2021

Is it true that in the digital age there are no workers and no working class, that everyone is a white-collar worker or self-employed?...

Blog - posted on 20/Jul/2021

It is a cliché that famous people always have a faithful and industrious partner beside (or behind) them, serving their masters by...

Blog - posted on 4/Jun/2021