Blinken OSA's Research Room will reopen on Wednesday, June 16. All visitors with valid Hungarian COVID-19 vaccination health cards can use the Research Room. Social distancing, wearing of masks and hand disinfection will remain obligatory. Online registration is required. Our Digitization on Demand service is still available for remote research.

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Fortepan Photo under Creative Commons license
The SUN course is on throughout the week with the participation of Blinken OSA colleagues.
Announcement - posted on 26/Jul/2021
His work includes facilitating Wikipedia articles, training staff members, and establishing our presence on Wikidata.
Announcement - posted on 25/Jul/2021
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The Research Room is open throughout the summer. Read this before coming to Blinken OSA!
Announcement - posted on 22/Jul/2021
Photo: Hoover Institute
Application deadline: July 25, 2021!
Announcement - posted on 22/Jul/2021
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Learn about former winners, and apply for the next Visegrad Scholarship until July 25!
Announcement - posted on 20/Jul/2021
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Is it true that in the digital age there are no workers and no working class, that everyone is a white-collar worker or self-employed?...

Blog - posted on 20/Jul/2021

It is a cliché that famous people always have a faithful and industrious partner beside (or behind) them, serving their masters by...

Blog - posted on 4/Jun/2021
The coming addition to the Curated Collections was compiled by Balázs Leposa, archivist at the Blinken OSA, and will be available soon...
Blog - posted on 25/May/2021

The Chernobyl nuclear accident happened thirty-five years ago, on April 26, 1986. The Blinken OSA commemorates the anniversary by...

Blog - posted on 26/Apr/2021

Sixty years ago, on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin completed one orbit of Earth, and accomplished the first manned spaceflight in history...

Blog - posted on 13/Apr/2021