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Records Uncovered 2.0: LGBTQI+ histories in Central and Southeastern Europe - Exhibition
Announcement - posted on 19/Jan/2022
Mihály Csákó
Réka Heszterényi, assistant archivist of Blinken OSA presented at the memorial conference.
Announcement - posted on 19/Jan/2022
Records Uncovered 2.0
Presenting LGBTQI+ histories of Central and Southeastern Europe from the post-WWII period to the early 2000s.
Announcement - posted on 18/Jan/2022
HIPS course at Blinken OSA Research Room
The internship is part of the fearless speech program series launched by the Archives and Freeszfe.
Announcement - posted on 14/Jan/2022
AEHR course participants in the research room, 2017
The oldest seminar Blinken OSA continuously offers to CEU students.
Announcement - posted on 11/Jan/2022
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