1989 Also Happened Outside Budapest

Béla Király in Kaposvár (Photo: Károly Makai)

New content on Will There be a 1989?, the website Blinken OSA launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the regime change in Hungary! We have uploaded press photos taken outside the capital, which had not been published online before. With the help of László Bellai, the following minor collections are now available: Péter E. Várkonyi's photos taken for MTI, Károly Makai's photos taken in Kaposvár, László Pusztai's photos taken in Miskolc, and László Tóth's photos taken in Pécs and nearby.

(Béla Király, an 1956 refugee living in the US, standing on a balcony in Kaposvár, his birthplace; Király's personal papers are available at the Archives. Photo: Károly Makai)

More unique material and development will follow: the 1989 daily press monitoring of Radio Free Europe, an amateur family photo collection, and, to improve browsing experience on the site, tags! Follow osaarchivum.org for updates!