Human Rights Documentation Internship Program

OSA Starts Human Rights Documentation Internship Program

Within the frame of its Human Rights Program, OSA starts its three-month long, for-credit Human Rights Documentation internships run jointly with and for students of the CEU Legal Studies Department in the AY 2013/14.

During their term, interns will have an opportunity to learn about the relevance, problems and methods of documenting past human rights abuses, as well as about the contemporary use of such documentation in various environments, including education, legal procedures, advocacy and outreach. They will gain hands-on experience (physical arrangement, archival description, data management and digitization) in working with and researching primary (textual, audiovisual and electronic) archival sources related to human rights issues. Interns will also participate in research projects aimed at creating, reusing and recontextualizing, and visualizing human rights datasets. Pending on availability, interns might also take part in educational activities, public events (film screenings and exhibitions), and other international projects related to this program.

For more information contact Eszter Polgári (polgarie at at CEU, or Csaba Szilágyi (szilagyc at at OSA.