Blinken OSA at!


The Blinken OSA launched a blog series at, one of the leading independent news websites in Hungary. The blog entitled Forrás. [meaning source and, with the dot pronounced, boiling point] consists of posts written by the Blinken OSA staff, revolved around archival sources and their archival, historical, and contemporary context. As is in Hungarian, English translations will be published here, at the Blinken OSA website.

In his introductory post Should Facts of the Past Be Public?, Blinken OSA Director István Rév addressed the trust in facts and in the preservers of facts, and discussed archives' complex relationship with open accessibility and private information. Csaba Szilágyi, Head of Human Rights Program and Acting Chief Archivist, presented the role of social media imagery in the struggle against impunity, in an article titled Through a Camera, Gradually Brighter. "Send Message to Washington..." is a post by program officer and web editor Miklós Zsámboki, written on the occasion of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the US.