Blinken OSA Decorations at CEU Vienna Campus

Blinken OSA Decorations at CEU Vienna Campus

Blinken OSA contributed to the temporary building of the new Vienna Campus of Central European University in the form of wall decorations or mini-exhibitions. The purpose of the project is twofold; to improve the aesthetics of university spaces by providing intellectual and visual stimuli, and to enhance the Archives’ visibility in Vienna, with photos and informative descriptions related to our holdings.

The mini-exhibitions comprising more than 200 images now enrich areas of the CEU Library and Media Hub, the Department of Medieval Studies, the Department of History, the Records Management offices, and the Department of Legal Studies.

The chosen walls of CEU Library and the Media Hub are decorated with a selection of Hungarian film posters from the 1960s and 1970s, visually attractive covers of landmark samizdat publications, and photos from the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute collection.

In 2006, Blinken OSA co-organized an exhibition with the Department of Medieval Studies, titled Contagious Middle Ages in Post-Communist East-Central Europe. Now a selection of materials from this exhibition is on display in the corridor of the Department.

The third mini-exhibition installed for the Department of History contains samizdat illustrations from the Polish Underground Ephemera collection, and also works by the Hungarian art group Inconnu, as well as the late László Rajk. Additional photos present the operation of RFE/RL.

Photos from the RFE/RL Research Institute decorate the Records Management offices as well, while the selection for the Department of Legal Studies includes records from our human rights collections, such as photos from the journal Index on Censorship and from our exhibition Srebrenica – Exhumation; stills from films featured in the Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, established by the Archives 18 years ago, are also on view.