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Invitation to create the web frontend of Blinken OSA’s Yugoslavia Archive portal
Posted: 04/July/2019
The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA) at Central European University is inviting bids to design and build a web frontend for Blinken OSA’s Yugoslavia Archive Project (YAP) portal, a search and discovery interface for selected archival materials (digital and/or metadata).
“We like: music, sports, films… Coca-Cola, love… just like you!”
Posted: 02/July/2019
In April 2019, Blinken OSA donated over 100 letters written by children of Sarajevo to their peers in the US during the war (1993) to the War Childhood Museum. Now in the permanent collection of the museum, the letters will be exhibited after their authors have been contacted. A recent article published on Balkan Insight features one of the letters’ authors, while the whole story of the collection and its repatriation is revealed.
children's war letters from Sarajevo
Posted: 02/July/2019
In April 2019, Blinken OSA donated over 100 letters written by children of Sarajevo to their peers in the US during the war (1993) to the War Childhood Museum. Now in the permanent collection of the museum, the letters will be exhibited after their authors have been contacted. A recent article published on Balkan Insight features one of the letters’ authors, while the whole story of the collection and its repatriation is revealed.
Visegrád ösztöndíj a Blinken OSA Archívumban
Posted: 06/June/2019
Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives Practices of Inquiry We invite applicants from the fields of history, the arts, philosophy and sociology to reflect on the conditions of knowledge production during and after the Cold War. This reflection exposes the intellectual and professional practices (journalistic, sociological, artistic, political, archival) that both reflected and shaped the meaning and scope of the Cold War phenomenon. Please scroll down to see the additional subtheme: "Archival Truth Regimes" 
Posted: 05/June/2019
As of June 15, 2019 (the anniversary of the execution and later the reburial of Imre Nagy, former Hungarian Prime Minister), the originally independent 1956 Institute (and its Oral History Archive), which since 2012 has operated as one of the departments of the National Széchényi Library is incorporated into Veritas Historical Research Institute, which through its activities makes a mockery of its name. This decision by the Hungarian government is a humiliation of historical science. The 1956 Institute, as the most important scientific research institution in the field of recent Hungarian history, has always considered the finding and presentation of historical facts as its main task.
Job Advert: Principal Information Scientist Wanted
Posted: 05/June/2019
Chief Archivist/Principal Information Scientist  The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) at Central European University (CEU) invites applications for the Chief Archivist/Principal Information Scientist position. Blinken OSA, one of the most important Cold War and human rights archives in the world, is looking for a highly talented, innovative, socially committed and technologically skilled person with foresight and impeccable integrity.   Blinken OSA wants to make an exciting appointment that allows the Archives to hire someone either with requisite academic degrees in the humanities or information science, or relevant practical experience, in a university, corporate or NGO setting, in digital and information technologies.   Digital Archivist – Audio-Visual Collections The successful candidate will work in a team that is responsible for the long-term preservation, management and access to the video, photo and sound collections at OSA. The main duties involve digitization of video and audio materials. The Digital Archivist has excellent technical skills with a special focus on ffmpeg-based open source solutions. The work requires high-level troubleshooting skills; proven experience and practice in identifying, locating and managing software for video and sound editing (professional level); database management skills (user level); and digital asset management skills (user level). This is a part-time (20 hours/week) position. The initial contract is for four months, with a possibility of extension for seven more months in 2020. Slavic Archives Specialist  The successful candidate will work together with the Acting Chief Archivist on managing, providing access to, developing and promoting Blinken OSA's Slavic language (primarily Russian, Polish and Czech/Slovak) archives and samizdat collections. The Specialist conducts research in these collections and uses them for educational purposes. The successful candidate will perform cataloging work, data normalization and physical and intellectual processing tasks on these collections, following Blinken OSA's Archival Management Workflow. The Specialist also assists in the overall mission and projects of the Archives.
Posted: 05/June/2019
Job advert: Blinken OSA  is looking for a Digital Archivist. This is a part time, four months position for the Audio-visual Unit with the possibility of extension.
Keretezés – Emlékhelyek és emlékezetek
Posted: 04/June/2019

2019. június 16., vasárnap, 11:00–13:00: Vezetett séta a Blinken OSA Archívumtól a Jászai Mari térig. Június 16-a Nagy Imre kivégzésének és újratemetésének évfordulója, idén a Vértanúk teréről a Jászai Mari térre áthelyezett emlékmű újraavatásának napja. A Blinken OSA Archívum sétáján meglátogatunk több, Nagy Imre emlékéhez kötődő helyet, hogy a megemlékezés változó értelmezési kereteit felidézzük.


Blinken OSA Archívum – Múzeumok Éjszakája 2019 Program
Posted: 03/June/2019

A curatorial tour of the exhibition at Galeria Centralis: Collective Dreams and Bourgeois Villas – Site Plan of the Hungarian CIRPAC Group. Contemporary dreams and villas – Montage making workshop with Lili Thury graphic designer: What does a contemporary bourgeois villa look like, what are the newest ideas concerning the housing crisis? Current architectural magazines will be cut into pieces and then put together into a montage to be used as a means to express our own vision about contemporary architecture and social issues. The montages could be used to make flyers, posters and fanzines that can be printed and taken home.  

Tetemrehívás – Kegyetlenség és kegyelet: 1956–1989–2019
Posted: 01/June/2019

Respect and Mercilessness: 1956-1989-2019
All day screening of archival video footage on three screens from 1989 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the reburial of the executed Prime Minister, Imre Nagy and his closest political allies.

By attending this event visitors can express their solidarity with the current situation of the 1956 Institute and with the primacy of historical facts over a distorted historical narrative.


Posted: 01/June/2019
Meghosszabított határidővel, július 15-ig várja a nevezéseket a VERZIÓ Filmfesztivál VR-szekciója.
Refugee DocsMap Published
Posted: 24/April/2019
Blinken OSA launched Refugee DocsMap, a visual geographic catalog of recent documentary films on the global refugee experience in the 20-21th century. 
Szarajevói gyerekek leveleit adta vissza Boszniának a Blinken OSA
Posted: 11/April/2019
Blinken OSA has a collection of English language letters written by children of Sarajevo in 1993, to their peers (“Dear unknown friend”) in the United States as part of the Pen Pals for Peace Program initiated by George Soros. In the past few weeks we have processed and digitized the letters. We keep the digital copies and two of our colleagues, Csaba Szilágyi (Head of Human Rights Program) and József Bóné (Head of IT) took the originals to the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo.
Verzió Fesztivál: Nevezési felhívás
Posted: 30/March/2019
Verzió welcomes applications to its 16th festival edition taking place November 12-17, 2019. Festival locations: Budapest, Kecskemét, Pécs, Szeged (Hungary). The documentary film festival invites you to submit your film in one of the following categories:
1989: lesz-e? – A harminc évvel ezelőtti eseményekre emlékezünk
Posted: 28/March/2019

Will there be a 1989?

From March 14 to 15, 2019 Blinken OSA organizes a series of programs to commemorate the events in 1989. 


Baló Györgyre emlékezünk
Posted: 25/March/2019
For more details, please visit the Hungarian version of our website.
Memories about the NATO Bombing of Serbia
Posted: 22/March/2019

MEMORY SCREENS: Landmarks in the 1990s Generation’s Memories about the NATO Bombing of Serbia

Curated by Mila Bajic (MA Nationalism Studies) in cooperation with the Blinken Open Society Archives

Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 11am

Blinken Open Society Archives at CEU

Arany János utca 32, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Ráadás vetítések a 15. Verzió legnépszerűbb filmjeiből: Erdők ideje
Posted: 19/March/2019

Encore screenings of popular films from Verzió 15
February 7 – March 21

Directed by Francois-Xavier Drouet, France, 2018, 103min, French
*English and Hungarian subtitles
As the symbol of authentic, preserved, wild nature, forests are undergoing an unprecedented phase of industrialization. Heavy mechanization, monoculture, fertilizers and pesticides, loss of traditional know-how, forest management—all follow the intensive agricultural model at an accelerated rhythm. The Time of Forests is a journey to the heart of industrial forestry and its alternatives. A living forest or a green desert, the choices of today will define tomorrow's landscape.

Mi a nép? – Workshop diákoknak
Posted: 20/February/2019

 These workshops focus on various aspects of freedom and democracy and look at ways of dealing with the past.

Sergei Loznitsa: The Trial – Film Screening
Posted: 18/February/2019

Unique archive footage reconstructs one of the first show trials, masterminded by Stalin, which unfolds as a theatrical performance with actors - prosecutors, witnesses, defendants, judges - lying to themselves, to the audience and to the world. The drama is real, but the story is fake. The film gives an unprecedented insight into the origins of a deadly regime, which made the slogan "Lie is Truth" its everyday reality.

The Illusion of the Republic - Exhibition
Posted: 01/February/2019


November 16, 2018 – March 3, 2019
Galeria Centralis
(Blinken OSA – Radio Free Europe Archives)
1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 32.

Opening ceremony: November 16, 2018, 5:00 p.m.

Opening speech (in Hungarian): László Majtényi (Chairman, Eötvös Károly Policy Institute)

This year is the centennial of the proclamation of the first Hungarian Republic, which took place on 16th November 1918. To honour this occasion, the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) presents The Illusion of the Republic exhibition, focusing on the rootless nature and the fall of the three Hungarian republics that were established in 1918, 1946 and  between 1989 1990.

Curator: András Mink

Presented by Eszter Csákányi

Aaron Swartz Fellowship
Posted: 01/February/2019
The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA) at Central European University, one of the initiators of the Open Access Movement, each year, awards one fellowship honoring the work, legacy and memory of our friend, Aaron Swartz, either to an unconventional technology expert early in his/her career, or a scholar or activist working at the intersection of humanities, social sciences and technology studies or technological solutions. The $10,000 fellowship is principally intended for those, with or without a degree, who have strong practical skills in developing technological tools to make knowledge and data broadly available to the public; who have an interest in challenging information management practices in libraries and archives; who are ready to contribute to building innovative visual taxonomies or catalogs based on unorthodox ideas; and who can challenge the control of information by governments and publishers to promote civil liberties and online activism.
Encore screenings of Verzió 15 at Blinken OSA:
Posted: 31/January/2019

WELCOME TO SODOM – Where do our used phones end up? What kind of lives emerge from our electronic waste?
After the screening, Logan Strenchock, CEU’s Sustainability Officer, will ask our guests, Gergely Simon from Greenpeace Hungary and Ervin Tihanyi, head of electronic waste handling at Intermetal Recycling, about their experiences during their visit to Sodom.

Employment Opportunity at Blinken OSA
Posted: 22/January/2019
The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Central European University (CEU) invites applications for a full-time (40-hour/week) Receptionist position starting on March 18, 2019.
New Book: Visual Imagery and Human Rights Practice 
Posted: 21/January/2019
Published in the International Association for Media and Communications Research (IAMCR) Series of Palgrave Macmillan in December 2018, Visual Imagery and Human Rights Practice, edited by Sandra Ristovska and Monroe Price, is a collection of 18 essays exploring how images influence and inform human rights work from archiving through justice making to activism.
Encore screenings of popular films from Verzió 15
Posted: 21/January/2019
Encore screenings of popular films from Verzió 15 February 7 – March 21 The annual encore screening series, Re-Verzió, which has been typically held in the last cold weeks of winter – will supply the perfect atmosphere for watching movies and gathering in warm places. Watch award winner films and meet your peers for a follow up discussion about important matters.
Postgraduate Summer Course at CEU
Posted: 20/January/2019
This course focuses on the construction of memory and identity narratives through images. Its seminars and workshops are designed to complement each other while developing participants’ abilities to analyze and communicate with and through images which is a required competency nowadays both inside and outside of the academia. The course explores narrative constructions of personal and collective identities and representations of the past (particularly the traumatic events of the twentieth century) by addressing works made in various media – modern art, documentary and fiction film, TV broadcasts, multimedia and web-based projects.  
Transitional Justice Report Published on the former Yugoslavia
Posted: 15/January/2019
Accountability, Truth and Justice in the former Yugoslavia, which gives an overview on the current status of regional cooperation on missing persons, prosecution of war crimes, and victims’ participation in transitional justice mechanisms, as well as the role of archives, art, media, and museums in the memory work related to the 1992-1995 Yugoslav Wars. The report is the outcome of a conference organized in Sarajevo in October 2018, in the archival panel of which Blinken OSA was invited to participate as an expert of records dealing with the history of and atrocities committed during these wars.
Documentary film screening: The Next Guardian
Posted: 12/January/2019

The Next Guardian

A film by Dorottya Zurbó and Arun Bhattarai

Date: March 12, 6:00 p.m. Venue: Blinken OSA, Arany János u. 32. 

Gendered Dissent – Roundtable, January 31, 2019
Posted: 10/January/2019

Presented by the NEP4DISSENT COST Action and the

Donald and Vera Blinken Open Society Archives

Thursday, January 31, 2019

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