New Addition to Our Catalogue: Digital Archive of Cultural Heritage

Photo: Stanzin Namgail.

In 2019, the Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, which runs the Cultural Heritage Studies Program, and Blinken OSA signed a Letter of Intent proposing that research work conducted by the students and faculty of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program should be preserved and made available to researchers at Blinken OSA.

Our new archival fonds HU OSA 437 Digital Archive of Cultural Heritage is the result of this cooperation.
As of today, three research collections have been processed, all falling under the heading of Intangible Cultural Heritage. These are: recordings of two folk artists performing an episode of the Kyrgyz ‘Manas’ epos; Yezidi refugee women singing lament songs in a refugee camp in northern Iraq; and local storytellers and singers introducing us to the endangered oral tradition of the Zanskar Valley in Northern India.

Fonds HU OSA 437 can be accessed via Blinken OSA’s List of Fonds, or directly in our Digital Repository.

As we expect to receive and process further materials regularly, we invite our visitors to return to this fascinating online documentation of worldwide cultural heritage soon!