New Series Added to the RFE/RL Western Press Archives

Photo: Dániel Végel

The Blinken OSA has recently added new series to the subfond Western Press Archives, including biographical series and subject files.

The Blinken OSA has recently published a catalog of several series of Radio Free Europe’s Western Press Archives. The subfond contains newspaper clippings from Western press sources, news agency releases, but also brochures on thousands of personalities worldwide and on subjects relating to the East European target countries, including various topics from Agriculture to Prisons and Youth.

A newly added biographical series encompasses information mainly on East European and Western actors, composers, cosmonauts, filmmakers, historians, journalists, musicians, philosophers, politicians, singers, and writers.

The newly published subject files include documents arranged by topics related to the political, economic, and social situation of the divided world of the Cold War era. The documents also help to track the changing state of scientific and technological competition between the two superpowers and their allies.