Recordings of the Opposition Roundtable Negotiations Go Online at Blinken OSA

Opposition Roundtable Negotiations, image from the Black Box recordings

A new fully digitized, fully processed collection was made available for researchers for the first time in Hungary.

Archival work never stops at Blinken OSA even amid a global pandemic. The AV Section of the Archives is happy to announce that a historically important visual collection is now fully digitized, fully processed, and available for the researchers and the wider public for the first time in Hungary.

The Collection is titled the „ Recordings of the Opposition Roundtable Negotiations” which was a widely-known phase during the Transition period of 1989. The events were documented by the Black Box Foundation, the first independent media group in Hungary (since 1988). Contrary to the state-controlled media, Black Box was a fresh and independent voice in Hungary during the Transition, they extensively documented and even participated in the events of the peaceful Transition.

The new collection consists of raw, unedited  VHS video recordings of the Opposition Roundtable Negotiations (1989) documenting the power handover-takeover process that facilitated the regime change in a peaceful manner, from a communist dictatorship into a multi-party democracy. The Opposition Roundtable was set up on March 22, 1989, with the aim to form a common platform that would facilitate these changes.

The five-part documentary films about the negotiations can be found at HU OSA 305-0-2
The Collection is in Hungarian.