Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives 2021/22

Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives 2021/22

Research theme within the Visegrad Scholarship at OSA in 2021/22
Possibilities of Knowing: Truth Seeking in a Polarized World and [in] its Aftermath

Another half-year has passed, and now we are happy to announce a new round of Visegrad Scholarship candidates who will soon begin their research at Blinken OSA. The evaluation of the last submitted Visegrad Scholarship applications has finished and the final list of winners with full support and partial support has been approved by the Council of Ambassadors.

This scholarship call invited applicants from the fields of history, the arts, philosophy, and sociology. They are expected to reflect on the conditions of knowledge production during and after the Cold War, and expose the intellectual and professional practices (journalistic, sociological, artistic, political, archival) that both reflected and shaped the meaning and scope of the Cold War phenomenon.

Visegrad Scholarship @ OSA – July 2021

The following candidates received full support:

•    Matyja, Bartosz (Poland) for his research Who Is to Blame? Explaining the Inequalities of Development in Socialist Poland in the 1970s
•    Berhady, Isaac (US) for his research Hungarian Officials’ Visions of Economic Reforms in the 1980s
•    Beilinson, Orel (Israel/US) for her research Tomorrow Belongs to Me: Dreams, Anxieties, and Private Life in the Other Europe, 1890-1968
•    Sicari, Ilaria (Italy) for her research Across the Nylon Curtain: Transnational Cultural Exchanges between Italy and USSR. The Role of Italian Cultural Actors in the Diffusion of Soviet Samizdat and Tamizdat
•    Suβman, Alexander (Germany) for his research “I used to be the Mayor”

The following candidate received partial support:

•    Kulawiak, Nicholas (US/Ireland) for his research How Did Cold War Geopolitics Shape and Inform Polish Media Presentation of the 1972 Black September Attack on the Israeli Olympic Team?
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