Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA

Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA

Visegrad Scholarship at the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives
We invite applicants from the fields of history, the arts, philosophy, and sociology to reflect on the conditions of knowledge production during and after the Cold War. This reflection exposes the intellectual and professional practices (journalistic, sociological, artistic, political, archival) that both reflected and shaped the meaning and scope of the Cold War phenomenon.

We are happy to announce that the evaluation of the last submitted Visegrad applications has finished and the final list of winners and reserves has been approved by the Council of Ambassadors in December.

Visegrad Scholarship @ OSA – November 2019

The following candidates received full support:

Zsuzsanna Debre (Hungary) for her research on Analog Detectives,
Adam Farkas (Hungary) for his research on Silent de-Stalinization – the party intelligentsia as opposition in Hungary,
Marianna Feher (Sweden) for her research on The Cold War between the Medium and the Message: Performing the archive of the  Non-Aligned Movement,
Alexander Fokin (Russia) for his research on Late Soviet International: Socialist Integration in Eastern Europe,
Natalie Gravenor (US) for her research for her film, the The Man Behind the Curtain,
Marija Grujic (Serbia) for her research on The Means of Political Propaganda and the End of the Cold War in Yugoslavia in the International Perspective: Reshaping of Totalitarianism from the Global to Local,
Roy Kimmey (US) for his research on Consumerism, Credit, and Citizenship: Hungarian State Socialist Romani Policy Post-1968,
Maria Radoman (Serbia) for her research on Exploring extreme nationalism discourses in Serbia before and after Yugoslavia

The following candidates received partial support:

Erzsebet Arvay (Hungary) for her research on Diasporic Politics in the Cold War: The Documentation of State and Diaspora Relations of the Kádár Regime by Radio Free Europe,
Brendan Culleton (UK) for his research for his film, The Twisted Path: Ceausescu’s Romania and the West,
Daria Franklin (US) for her research on Samizdat: Production of Alternative Systems of Thought and Knowledge,
Hukanovic Adis (Bosnia-Herzegovina) for his research on  Memory as facilitator of dialogue: how can local archives contribute to constructive dealing with past process?

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