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1956 Competition Awards Ceremony
Diákoknak „Kódold a múltat! 1956 remixelve” - Tanároknak „’56-ról hitelesen”
Announcement - Posted on 20/Oct/2016
Daniela Comani: It was me. My Diary 1900–1999 in the Context of the 1956 Revolution in the Western World
Event - Posted on 13/Oct/2016
1956, The World in Revolt - Book Launch
by Simon Hall, University of Leeds
Event - Posted on 11/Oct/2016
Emigrant Tunes
Marginal notes on the Referendum on Mandatory EU Migrant Quotas
Event - Posted on 27/Sep/2016
Collection Highlights & Blog Posts
Following a two-week extension, Blinken OSA closed its latest exhibition entitled Olympics and Politics: Berlin | Barcelona 1936 on...
Blog entry - Posted on 13/Oct/2016
1. Magyar népzene és új magyar zene (1928) A zenei szemle 1928-ban közölte Bartók Magyar népzene és új magyar zene című előadásának...
Blog entry - Posted on 30/Sep/2016
On June 16-17, 2016, over 25 human rights data professionals (information managers, librarians, documentalists, archivists, lawyers and...
Blog entry - Posted on 8/Jul/2016
The Open Society Archives proudly presents the on-line catalog of all the documentary films of Fekete Doboz Alapítvány (Black Box...
Blog entry - Posted on 16/Jun/2016

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