Events / Announcements
Archival courses in AY 2019/20
Learn about archives, evidence, traces, objectivity and how to turn matters of fact into matters of concern.
Announcement - posted on 4/Sep/2019
1989 from a Different Angle – Storytelling as a Community Building Mechanism
A visit and a great learning experience at Blinken OSA by a group of students and teachers.
Event - posted on 3/Sep/2019
Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA
The final list of winners and reserves has been approved by the Council of Ambassadors.
Announcement - posted on 29/Aug/2019
Collective Dreams and Bourgeois Villas – Site Plan of the Hungarian CIRPAC Group
Guided tours of the current exhibition at Galeria Centralis (in Hungarian): June 13, 22, 27, July 6 and 9.
Event - posted on 4/Jul/2019
Invitation to create the web frontend of Blinken OSA’s Yugoslavia Archive portal
Design and build the innovative website of the Yugoslavia Archive Project, comprising 30,000 records.
Announcement - posted on 4/Jul/2019
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Yesterday night, László Rajk, architect, design artist and politician succumbed to a short, severe illness which he accepted with...

Blog - posted on 12/Sep/2019

Tibor Philipp was an active member of the Hungarian alternative opposition and the independent artist group Inconnu during the 1980s....

Blog - posted on 26/Aug/2019
Grossman in Schwerin, 1945.

Grossman in Schwerin, 1945. Vasily Grossman (1905-1964) was a Russian writer and a decorated, famous war correspondent for the central...

What We Read - posted on 6/Aug/2019

In July this year Blinken OSA’s collection was expanded by the legacy collection of  Zsuzsa Horváth (1950 - 1994), a researcher of...

Blog - posted on 22/Jul/2019

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Moon Landing, OSA presents the press coverage of the event in three different countries.

Blog - posted on 19/Jul/2019