Events / Announcements
Dot.To.Dot – new curatorial visitor program starts
The program is run in cooperation between OFF-Biennale and IMPEX and the lecture is hosted by Blinken OSA.
Event - posted on 15/Oct/2019
Sharpen your perspective – The 16th Verzio Film Festival is coming soon
In November, Verzio Film Festival invites you on an amazing trip via the finest human rights documentaries.
Event - posted on 8/Oct/2019
Left Turn, Right Turn
Artistic and Political Radicalism of late Socialism in Hungary - The Orfeo and the Inconnu Groups.
Event - posted on 23/Sep/2019
Archival courses in AY 2019/20
Learn about archives, evidence, traces, objectivity and how to turn matters of fact into matters of concern.
Announcement - posted on 4/Sep/2019
1989 from a Different Angle – Storytelling as a Community Building Mechanism
A visit and a great learning experience at Blinken OSA by a group of students and teachers.
Event - posted on 3/Sep/2019
Blog Posts / Podcasts

The book about Cold War broadcasting and Radio Free Europe remains to be written. Because of the unusual arrangement of such a Cold War...

Blog - posted on 18/Oct/2019

On October 10, the Swedish Academy announced that Peter Handke was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2019. The Committee...

Blog - posted on 16/Oct/2019

Quotations from chairman Mao Tse-tung. Peking, Foreign Languages Press, 1966.

What We Read - posted on 9/Oct/2019

The members of Inconnu, one of the most prominent dissident artists’ groups of the 1980s, got involved in the emerging Hungarian...

Blog - posted on 25/Sep/2019

Yesterday night, László Rajk, architect, design artist and politician succumbed to a short, severe illness which he accepted with...

Blog - posted on 12/Sep/2019