Dear Researchers, we are pleased and happy to announce that our Research Room opens on July 16, 2020. With respect to health and safety considerations we accommodate only five researchers at a time until August 31, 2020. You are kindly asked to book your research time in advance in the sign-up sheet, which will be available after July 12, 2020.

Events / Announcements
Anniversary - The Note
On the anniversary of a historical reconstruction organized in Galeria Centralis on the 6th of July, 1999.
Event - posted on 6/Jul/2020
POST-SOVIET - The Photos of Lenke Szilágyi 1990–2002
Photographer Lenke Szilágyi’s exhibition about the reality of Post – Soviet life from photos taken during her travels.
Event - posted on 1/Jul/2020
Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives
We are happy to announce the next call for the Visegrad Scholarships at OSA in 2020/21
Announcement - posted on 29/Jun/2020
Blinken OSA – Night of the Museums, June 27, 2020 – Online
Blinken OSA presents a rich program of cultural and artistic events for the Night of the Museums this year.
Event - posted on 16/Jun/2020
Roma Media School
Colleagues at the Audio-Visual Department have completed the processing of the Roma Media School video collection.
Announcement - posted on 15/Jun/2020
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Regularly updated! Articles, interviews, and podcasts on the coronavirus pandemic, recommended by the Blinken OSA staff.

What We Read - posted on 29/Mar/2020

In January, 2020, I was thrilled to begin the internship program at the Blinken Open Society Archives. I had just been accepted into...

Blog - posted on 15/May/2020

“Sarajevo, the biggest concentration camp in the world,” wrote Arma Tanović at the age of 15. Arma was one of the Sarajevan kids and...

Blog - posted on 5/Apr/2020

Providing insight into the publishing and academic activities of Hungarian emigré circles in the US, the Peter Pastor Collection was...

Blog - posted on 3/Apr/2020
As the exhibition Faith – Trust – Secrecy is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the OSA blog will present...
Blog - posted on 30/Mar/2020