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Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead
A Lecture by Thomas W. Laqueur, University of California, Berkeley
Event - Posted on 23/May/2016
Prime Time Nationalism
International, interdisciplinary conference on archiving media propaganda in the former Yugoslavia
Event - Posted on 9/May/2016
Initiative For Dialog About the Palace - Blitz Conference
Blitz conference on the planned reconstruction of the Buda Royal Palace
Announcement - Posted on 6/May/2015
History Restaged
Part of the OFF–Biennale Budapest, an independent, voluntary collaborative art intitiative
Event - Posted on 22/Apr/2015
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About Blinken OSA “We are, in part, what we remember”
Blog entry - Posted on 12/May/2016
The Open Society Archives (OSA) is the official repository for the Central European University and the Open Society...
Blog entry - Posted on 26/Apr/2016
Blinken OSA colleagues meet Pál Ferenczi, who spent a year in Mauthausen with Leó Goldberger, former owner of the...
Blog entry - Posted on 11/Feb/2016
OSA is honored to announce public access to the first portion of the Free Europe Committee (FEC) compilation of Cold...
Blog entry - Posted on 28/Jan/2016

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The portrait of István Kemény (short version)

István Kemény was the founder of a new school of sociology which introduced modern sociological methodology and tools into the research of Hungarian poverty and the Roma in the second half of the 20th century. His followers became not only the key figures of the Hungarian sociology, but also significant members of the political and intellectual opposition of the Kádár era.

Duration: 7:04


Investigating Border Incidents

For more information on this collection, please see .

Duration: 39:18