Dear Researchers, please be informed that the Research Room will be closed during this summer with the last opening day on July 28. The Research Room will resume its activities on September 4, 2017.

Latest Events / Announcements
Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires: The Soviet War
An exhibition on the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan as the last major international armed conflict of the Cold War.
Posted on 21/Jun/2017
Blinken OSA Archivum  - Night of the Museums 2017 Program
Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires: The Soviet War exhibition, food, music and guided tours in a great building.
Posted on 20/Jun/2017
Call For Papers for the Blinken OSA Symposium
Spectrum of Communism | A kommunizmus kísérlete - within the frame of the 2-year What's Left? program series.
Posted on 20/Jun/2017
Hungarian Government Threatens to Shut Down Central European University
Amendments to the Hungarian higher education legislation which restrict academic freedom for CEU were signed into law.
Posted on 20/Jun/2017
Blog Posts / Podcasts
A recent encounter with the concept of Visible Thinking (VT) during a training organized by the Amsterdam based Thinking Museum...
Posted on 9/Jun/2017
Blinken OSA held a presentation and an in-house seminar to explore the possibilities of human rights archives’ involvement in documenting...
Posted on 25/May/2017
Cover of the Program
A call for democracy from the Soviet Samizdat Archives
Posted on 8/May/2017
The digitization of documents leaves those who study history without the charm of digging into the dusty stacks of documents, but HU OSA...
Posted on 29/Mar/2017

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