Pál Schiffer's Film Documentation and Photos

The series consists of photo documentation of films in their research, preparatory and production phases, 1960-1996. Titles include "Gyuri Cséplő" (photographs by István Jávor), "Probationer" (photographs by Tamás Kende), "Cowboys" (photographs by Zsuzsanna Buray), "The Kerekes Family" (photographs by Krisztina Goetze), and "Destroyed Road Signs" and "Atonement" (photographs by Ödön Pál). The materials also include photo prints of the funeral of Gyuri Cséplő, and private photos of Pál Schiffer, and photo negatives. From the Personal Papers of Pál Schiffer collection, the materials document the works of film director Pál Schiffer (1939-2001), and reflect on his activities as a filmmaker, member of the Hungarian opposition and active public figure.