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Events / Announcements
A new professional cooperation between the Archives and the Iofe Foundation.
Announcement - posted on 14/Oct/2021
Portugal, Salvaterra de Magos, RFE Transmitting station (Fortepan)
For researchers working on cultural, economic, political, social, and scientific aspects. RSVP until October 7.
Announcement - posted on 30/Sep/2021
Theme of the call: Possibilities of knowing: Truth-seeking in a polarized world and [in] its aftermath
Announcement - posted on 30/Sep/2021
18th Verzió design
This year films will be available online and in cinemas during November 9–21.
Announcement - posted on 30/Sep/2021
The Death of Socrates by David
Blinken OSA launches a free seminar for university students. Application deadline: October 6, 2021
Announcement - posted on 29/Sep/2021
Blog Posts / Podcasts

In September 2021, the latest movie by highly acclaimed Russian director Andrey Konchalovsky, Dear Comrades! premiered in...

Blog - posted on 14/Oct/2021

In the bipolar world emerged during the 1950s, the weaponless Cold War, obtaining information (also by the means of spying) and state...

Blog - posted on 27/Sep/2021

Was Islamic fundamentalism’s seclusion as the only governing force left in Afghanistan preventable? When was the last ray of hope of a...

Blog - posted on 7/Sep/2021

“The celebration took place in the courtyard of the San Sabba refugee camp, on August 20, at 11 a.m., near the monument commemorating...

Blog - posted on 1/Sep/2021

It has been twenty years since journalist and politician Miklós Vásárhelyi’s passing. Between 1984 and 1990, Vásárhelyi was the...

Blog - posted on 30/Jul/2021