Dear Researchers, with respect to health and safety considerations we accommodate only five researchers at a time until further notice. Reservation in advance is obligatory.

Events / Announcements
Robolove -Verzio Film Festival 2020
The 17th VERZIÓ Documentary Film Festival announces this year’s films
Announcement - posted on 26/Oct/2020
UN Report
The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur Fabián Salvioli has recently presented his report to the Human Rights Council.
Announcement - posted on 21/Oct/2020
RFE collection 1964
We are happy to announce the second call for the Visegrad Scholarships at OSA in 2020/21!
Announcement - posted on 21/Oct/2020
Photo: Hungarian National Museum
The new exhibition titled From Harvest to Harvest – Hungarian Calvary, 1918–1919 is open to the public.
Event - posted on 19/Oct/2020
Research Room
This Saturday, Blinken OSA starts its accredited education program for teachers in its original format for the last time
Announcement - posted on 16/Oct/2020
Blog Posts / Podcasts
In February, when we recapped the first event of the Re:Verzió series below, we couldn't know that the program was soon to be cancelled due...
Blog - posted on 2/Oct/2020

September 28 is the international day of freedom of information, also called as the Right to Know Day, which UNESCO recently proclaimed...

Blog - posted on 23/Sep/2020

The former Bosnian Serb Army commander and convicted war criminal, Ratko Mladić's appeal hearings has begun last month. Questioning the...

What We Read - posted on 18/Sep/2020

The first time I heard about Blinken OSA was in spring 2019, when I was spending a semester in Budapest as an Erasmus+ exchange student...

Blog - posted on 5/Aug/2020

August 1 will mark the 45th anniversary of the Helsinki Accords, which, owing to its human rights principle, became a catalyst of the...

Blog - posted on 23/Jul/2020