Blinken OSA Library Records Integrated in the CEU Library Catalog

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In a joint initiative with CEU Library to better serve the CEU community and the broader public, the records of Blinken OSA’s extensive collection of periodicals, films, and reference books related to the Cold War, Communism, international human rights and the archival profession are now available through the CEU Library catalog.

Magazines, journals, daily newspapers and small-circulation regional publications, running to more than 6,400 titles, document life "behind the Iron Curtain" and the history of Communism in the Central and East-European region.

The film collection includes over 4,000 titles, in almost 100 languages, with an exceptionally broad range of documentary, propaganda and fiction films as well as submissions to the Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Library and Film library materials of Blinken OSA can be requested as usual at the Blinken OSA Research Room in Goldberger House.