The János Vargha Collection in the Blinken Open Society Archives

The János Vargha Collection in the Blinken Open Society Archives!

Blinken OSA has acquired the document collection of the founder of the Danube Circle. The aim of the environmental movement, which was founded in 1984, was to stop the planned barrage system on the Danube between Gabčíkovo and Nagymaros. Their work was founded on solid scientific research to support their arguments against the investment and community organization, for which the organization was awarded with the alternative Nobel Prize. The significant deposit of almost ten linear meters contains a huge portion of research documentation related to the Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros Dams, the documents produced during the operation of the Danube Circle and other related historical, biological and hydrological studies, as well as some of the material documenting the work of the democratic opposition. The collection, which is an exceptionally rich source of the history of the Hungarian ecological movement, is expected to be made available for research by the end of this year!