Alexei Navalny (1976–2024)

Figure of Alexei Navalny at the Fearless exhibition (photo: Dániel Végel)




“Alexei Navalny (1976–2024) Russian dissident politician and anti-corruption activist. He came into international prominence for organizing demonstrations against President Putin and his government, running for office and advocating anti-corruption reforms. In August 2020, Navalny was poisoned and spent months recovering in Berlin. He was arrested on his return to Moscow in January 2021,” said the short biography of Navalny at our Fearless exhibition in 2022, presenting him as an outstanding figure of fearless speech.


Alexei Navalny passed away today, on February 16, 2024, in a Russian penal colony in the Arctic.




On behalf of her imprisoned father, Alexei Navalny’s daughter, Daria Navalnaya received the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize at a ceremony on December 15, 2021. 

In her speech, Dariya Navalnaya emphasized that many people consider it naïve to stand up for ideas and principles in the name of pragmatism, but this is a mistake. Pleasing dictators, trying to appease them, ignoring the corruption and crimes in which they are involved is not pragmatic or expedient at all. It is time to say that pragmatism is often cynicism and hypocrisy. “When I wrote to my dad and asked, ‘What exactly do you want me to say in the speech from your point, he answered: Say that no one can dare to equate Russia to Putin’s regime. Russia is a part of Europe, and we strive to become a part of it. But we also want Europe to strive for itself. To those amazing principles, which are at its core. We strive for a Europe of ideas, the celebration of human rights, democracy, and integrity. And we don't want a Europe of chancellors and ministers who dream of getting a job on the board of Putin’s state-owned companies or sailing on oligarchs’ yachts.’”