Archival Work in Quarantine

Closed Research Room on April 3 (Photo: Csaba Szilágyi)

For the first time in the history of Blinken OSA, the staff has been working from home for two weeks now, away from the physical holdings. What professional aid can an archive offer to its researchers and visitors online?

Digital Repository / The Research Room has been closed since March 12, and the Archives cannot welcome researchers in its physical spaces to study archival papers, moving images, or microfilms. However, as a result of the efforts of recent years, we can invite visitors to our open-access online archival space, the Digital Repository. The Digital Repository comprises diverse open-access materials presenting collections of soviet propaganda films, forensic reports produced by the Physicians for Human Rights, Polish samizdat publications and ephemera, or documents of the RFE/RL Research Institute, from Hungarian radio monitoring to encrypted telex communication and to background reports.

               (Photo: Csaba Szilágyi)

Curated Collections / Another significant open-access online resource available on the Blinken OSA website is entitled Curated Collections, addressing a wide range of topics: 1956 Hungarian Refugees in the United States; Yellow-Star Houses 1944–2014; Was There a 1989?, end even: Will There Be a 1989?


Registered visitors can request access to further digitized contents. While the Research Room is closed, please browse our online catalog, and contact the Research Room staff at