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Classifieds from the Hungarian “Mások” magazine, 1991–1995

For the joint exhibition of the Blinken OSA Archives and the Háttér Archive and Library, we researched documents that inform us how the societies in the former Eastern Bloc, SFR Yugoslavia, and Albania, shaped and constrained the lives of LGBTQI+ communities, and also how the latter were raising their voices in the public sphere.

The Records Uncovered online exhibit is a work in progress by Blinken OSA and Háttér Archive and Library, which will be turned into a physical exhibition at Blinken OSA’s Galeria Centralis in Budapest in February 2022. To include as many different voices from the LGBTQI+ movement as possible, we welcome contributions from our visitors. You may lend or donate text and audiovisual documents and (photos of) personal effects connected to the history of LGBTQI+ persons in Central and Southeastern Europe in the period 1945–1999.

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Pending on your decision, your documents will be considered either for the (online or physical) exhibit or the permanent thematic collections of Blinken OSA (or both.) The descriptive environment, as well as the terms and conditions of access to and use of your documents, will be mutually agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.
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