New Joint Budapest Campus Fellowship hosted by IAS CEU, DI, and Blinken OSA

CEU Budapest

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS CEU), together with the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA) and the Democracy Institute (DI) at the Budapest Campus of CEU are pleased to launch their joint call for applications for its inaugural fellowship program Revisionism and Falsification, Evidence and Proof for the academic year 2023/2024.

Revisionism in the call is understood in a broad sense: including the study of attempts of re-visioning, rewriting, re-presenting, re-evaluating experience, incidents of the past and present, ideas or ideologies for therapeutic purposes, for the supposed well-being, rebirth, rejuvenation of specific, identifiable small or large communities. Revisionism can serve definable political, ideological, or cultural ambitions, used for purposes of political or ideological legitimization, or for redefining group or national identities. Evidence and proof as heuristic tools and practices acquire in this context particular salience.

Besides critical scholarly approaches, the call welcomes artists, working on representations of revisionist attempts and their real life consequences or artistic import in various formats and media.

Fellowships in this inaugural program are available in all research areas of the social sciences and humanities, broadly defined and for artists of all fields of practice. Fellowships run for the full 9-month period (October–June), for the 3-month short fall semester (October-December), the 5-month fall semester (October–February) or the 6-month spring semester (January–June).

The call for applications for 2023/2024 is now open. The deadline to submit your application is October 30, 2022.
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